Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's create the PERFECT moisturizing cream or lotion!

OK, what I would like to do on this thread is both teach about formulating a highly moisturizing cream or lotion.... AND, find out from you, the user, what sort of characteristics you would like to see with this theoretical product.

I think this experiment could be very interesting! Tell me what you want in a highly moisturizing cream or lotion. From your comments, I will tell you which raw materials will create the effect and function that you are searching for in this product. This experiment will be a way to show you which raw materials to look for in moisturizing creams and lotions in order to choose and buy the best ones.

So, are you looking for fast penetration, easy spreading, low to no greasy skin feel, fast moisturizing effect, natural ingredients, good moisture barrier, no negative reactions, safe preservatives (?).... and on and on.

OK, let's get the discussion started!

What are you looking for and what do you want in your "perfect" highly moisturizing cream or lotion?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moisturizing Eyelash Growth Serum.... known as the "E.Y.E.S" system.

For those of you who follow my cosmetics company "Never Over The Hill Cosmetics", you know that I have developed a new eyelash growth serum. The "Moisturizing Eyelash Growth Serum" known as the "E.Y.E.S" system, is only $25.00..... and it works as good if not better than Latisse and the other "drug" active eyelash products. Please take a moment and think before buying a product that contains a "drug" active. This particular drug active was designed to work against Glaucoma. It was found that a "side effect" of this Glaucoma drug was that eyelashes seemed to grow longer. However, that isn't the only side effect. Let me list the known side effects when using products that contain the drug "Lumigan"/Bimatoprost and prostaglandin type actives.

1) Eye color change, to a darker color which cannot be reversed
2) Red eyes, and/or redness around the eyelid area
3) Severe eye irritation on use of the product
4) Eyelash shedding and falling out
5) "spidery" eyelash growth, eyelashes that are not straight, that curl or bend in odd directions
6) Hairs growing in places on or near the eyes where hair should not grow
7) Blurred Vision
8) Drug active products REQUIRE a prescription to obtain, possess and use. This requires expensive doctor visits just to obtain the prescription. Ordering from "overseas" without the prescription is ILLEGAL, and the DEA can and will arrest users who have these products without a prescription.
9) Ordering a "drug" product from overseas, sight unseen, can result in products that are tampered with, not strong enough, contaminated, and/or potentially harmful to the user's health.

Now, this list is not something I made up to make my product sound better. The list of side effects is well known to the makers of the drug active, and THEY even have to include this list with every product sold, since it is a drug product.

After learning about these problems, and the problems that users of these products have had, that convinced me to make my product, which is a cosmetic product and NOT a drug product.

I have some before and after photos that I can share if you have a desire to see them. Once again, write to me at

The Moisturizing Eyelash Growth Serum can be found at the online store:

...or currently on eBay, simply search on the seller name of "neveroverthehill".

If you have any further questions, I can answer them here on the Blog or privately at

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello everyone!!

My name is John C. Hill, and my wife's name is Sandy Hill. Together, we've created a company called "Never Over The Hill Cosmetics LLC" and we are also personal trainers known as "Never Over The Hill Personal Training".

Have you ever had the desire to be young forever. Do you want to be "Never Over The Hill"? Then you've come to the right place!

I am 50 years old and Sandy is going to be 52 in December. Yet, we still compete in bodybuilding shows in Arizona, and Sandy has modelled with many custom motorcycles in the Phoenix area. She looks like a rock hard version of the Pinup Queen Bettie Page!

How do we manage to beat the "age" thing? We take care of ourselves in many ways, and we'd like to share these concepts with you. We'd also like to hear your tips for successful youth as well. We live by the following keystone concepst to everlasting youth...

Good healthy habits including:

a) Nutrition
b) Supplements
c) Skin Care (Never Over The Hill Cosmetics for Anti-Age and Anti-Wrinkle as well as Fat Burning Gels and Sunless Tanning Sprays)
d) Exercise (including weight lifting, aerobics, bicycling and martial arts)
e) The Power of Positive Thinking and Positive Attitudef) Keeping an open mind to new ideas and innovations
g) Getting plenty of rest and sleep
h) Avoid stress at all costs
i) Be happy and laugh often
j) Foster the goal of striving for perfection at all times
k) Harbor and feed the desire to be "Never Over The Hill" and young forever

Our new BLOG has been created to help all of you achieve everlasting youth in the same manner as we have. It can be done! It is contageous! Anyone can do it! But it takes effort and sometimes it takes teamwork.....

If you join our BLOG and participate in sharing ideas, you will become a member of the "NOTCH Team". ("NOTCH" is short for Never Over The Hill Cosmetics and is a lot faster and easier than saying Never Over The Hill)

So let's begin... and I look forward to making many new friends the world over in discussing ways to stay and look young forever!


John C. Hill (06 Nov. 2008)