Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's create the PERFECT moisturizing cream or lotion!

OK, what I would like to do on this thread is both teach about formulating a highly moisturizing cream or lotion.... AND, find out from you, the user, what sort of characteristics you would like to see with this theoretical product.

I think this experiment could be very interesting! Tell me what you want in a highly moisturizing cream or lotion. From your comments, I will tell you which raw materials will create the effect and function that you are searching for in this product. This experiment will be a way to show you which raw materials to look for in moisturizing creams and lotions in order to choose and buy the best ones.

So, are you looking for fast penetration, easy spreading, low to no greasy skin feel, fast moisturizing effect, natural ingredients, good moisture barrier, no negative reactions, safe preservatives (?).... and on and on.

OK, let's get the discussion started!

What are you looking for and what do you want in your "perfect" highly moisturizing cream or lotion?


Jen said...

I am always looking for a face cream that moisturizes deeply and the moisture should last all day. I would love it if it absorbed within 5 minutes and made a smooth canvas to put makeup on. If there were anti-anging or wrinkle fighting ingredients in it that were effective, I'd be over the moon!

NOTCH said...

A 'perfect' anti-age / anti-wrinkle cream should do several things. First, the ingrendients must be skin friendly, not skin disruptive (like vitually ALL other creams and lotions on the market today). Second, it must have an active peptide to build collagen. And finally, it must have 24 hour moisturizing ingredients. I designed and produce just such a product called: Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Jojoba Esters and Peptides.

This cream is a substantive skin conditioner that effectively combats wrinkles with the latest in peptide technology. Jojoba Esters also have data to support reduction of fine lines. Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters is used both for jojoba emolliency and as the natural neutralizer for the polymer system in this formula. Long term skin moisturization is also achieved with the use of this lotion. This product is not greasy and penetrates quickly leaving a good base to apply make-up.

This anti wrinkle cream works in several ways. First, jojoba based cosmetic products perform a moisture “occlusive” duty. In other words, natural jojoba esters trap skin moisture at the surface and keep it there over an extended period of time. Skin moisturization is critical to healthy, glowing skin. Second, jojoba esters have clinical testing data proving that they can reduce the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba esters are excellent at refatting the skin with lipids that are very similar to human skin lipids. Keeping the skin soft and supple is also critical to good skin health. Next, the combination of hydrolyzed jojoba esters and glycerin have been shown to be extended moisturizing agents. This combination actually hydrates the skin on a continuous basis as long as the product is kept on the skin. Finally, Peptide technology through the use of Matrixyl by the Sederma company activates the skins mechanism for turning over new skin cells. Fresh skin cells rising to the surface definitely gives the skin a healthy and fresh look. All of these actions combined work to lessen fine lines and wrinkles in a very natural way.